Jun 24

Monitoring the Fermentation of Sourdough Starter with Computer Vision

15 min read   ·   #programming  #python  #image analysis 

Bread is love, bread is life; would it be wrong to call it my wife?

Apr 6

From Prototype to Cloud: A Python Recipe Converter

13 min read   ·   #programming  #python 

A journey from Jupyter to Flask to Heroku, all in one post.

Feb 9

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Ping Sweep in C# Windows Form

8 min read   ·   #programming  #c sharp 

Life is better when you live asynchronously.

Jan 12

Measuring the Spectral Characteristics of a Light Therapy Lamp

9 min read   ·   #physics 

Shining the light of truth on a $70 bulb.


Oct 29

Debugger Setup with GDB + OpenOCD in Visual Studio Code

2 min read   ·   #programming  #embedded  #stm32 

Because this editor is awesome and I want to use it for everything.

Jun 13

Annealing 3D Printed Plastics: Sous Vide Style

19 min read   ·   #3d printing  #materials science 

When hobbies combine and engineering takes over.

Mar 25

Hakko-Style Solder Fume Extractor

2 min read   ·   #3d printing  #design 

Inhaling 3D printer melted plastic instead of toxic solder fumes.

Mar 23

Resources for 3D Printing with the MP Select Mini

0 min read   ·   #3d printing 

A collection of information to reduce the initial headaches with 3D printing.

Mar 7

New Toy Tuesday: Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

2 min read   ·   #3d printing 

Giving in to temptation for a tool that can make other tools.


Nov 15

Tired of Cables in VR? We Are Too.

6 min read   ·   #work  #vr 

When VR gives you lemons, you make a lemonade-making robot.

Nov 13

Wooden Phone Stand

1 min read   ·   #design  #woodworking 

Turning a hunk of wood into a hunky tech holder.

Oct 22

Making Do With a Bargain Bin Bandsaw

3 min read   ·   #woodworking 

Sometimes you can get more than what you pay for.

Jun 1

New Workshop + Plywood Bench Stool

2 min read   ·   #design  #woodworking 

Finally having a garage means finally having space for a proper workbench.


Dec 18

Boo-Boo with the Bamboo Bike

4 min read   ·   #biking  #woodworking 

Splitting hairs over split bamboo.

Aug 6

The Making of Project Haikuza: Part 2

6 min read   ·   #programming  #python 

When the generator gets a bit smarter, but still not smart enough.

Jul 12

The Making of Project Haikuza: Part 1

7 min read   ·   #programming  #python 

The development of a laughable haiku generator in Python.

Jul 8

Places To Be: Howe Sound Crest Trail

6 min read   ·   #outdoors 

A multi-day hike not suitable for beginners. Except I didn't listen.

Jun 23

Co-op: Air Quality Calibration Chamber

1 min read   ·   #work  #coop  #design 

Building a clean-room enclosure for testing air quality monitors.


Sep 27

Co-op: Drill Cover User Study

2 min read   ·   #work  #coop  #design 

Quantifying the performance of a surgical drill designed for low-resource settings.


Dec 28

Co-op: The Age Effect on Bicycle Helmets

1 min read   ·   #work  #coop 

Assessing the safety of your 15 year-old helmet.

Apr 20

MECH 223: Hovercraft Competition

1 min read   ·   #school 

Racing a remote-controlled hovercraft made of cardboard, plastic bags, and pink foam.


Apr 16

A Minty-Fresh Power Pack

1 min read   ·   #electrical 

Making a portable battery charger before they were cool.