Mechanical Design, Modeling, Rapid Prototyping

MECH 458: Capstone 3D Optical Well Imager

Integrating computer vision with automated pipeline inspection.

Well liner repairs are costly and dangerous, and preventative measures are frequently taken by companies to minimize risk and future problems. The objective of this project was to develop an optical scanning system to be used for generating 3D models and images of liners, casings, and other types of pipe through fluids.

car2go Bowling

Roof-mounted rig for vehicular bowling at the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

A novel method of bowling was introduced at a car2go marketing event. Using a non-permanent method of atachment, a roof-mounted bowling rig was designed and created.

Award Winning Bamboo Bike

An organic, gluten-free mode of transportation.

Bamboo bicycles provide road vibration absorption, a higher strength to weight ratio than steel, and comparable stiffness to aluminum. Exceeding the threshold for Vancouverite-hipster was the goal of this build.

LEGO Headphones

Making music with the world's favourite construction toy.

Combining two favourite past-times of music and LEGO resulted in the generation of a novel, functional pair of headphones. Batteries not included. Some assembly required.

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