Overhead Robotic Gantry for Tethered VR Headsets

Tired of cables breaking presence in virtual reality? We are too.

Current high-performance virtual reality headsets require cable connections to a host computer. For room-scale VR, users must always be mindful of this cable since it poses not only as a tripping hazard, but also a detraction from the otherwise immersive VR experience. This autonomous cable management system is one solution to sucky cables.

MECH 423: Mechatronics Product Design

Over-engineering the soft-boiled egg with the ultimate kitchen gadget, PerfEGGctâ„¢.

Gone are the days of blindly timing and boiling eggs, being left with nothing but a solid, chalky yolk. As part of our final year mechatronics engineering project, we developed a non-invasive device to measure the oscillation of an egg suspended on a spring. By analyzing the oscillatory response of the egg, we were able to determine the yolk consistency with (questionable) accuracy.

Mechanical Design, Modeling, Rapid Prototyping

MECH 458: Capstone 3D Optical Well Imager

Integrating computer vision with automated pipeline inspection.

Well liner repairs are costly and dangerous, and preventative measures are frequently taken by companies to minimize risk and future problems. The objective of this project was to develop an optical scanning system to be used for generating 3D models and images of liners, casings, and other types of pipe through fluids.

car2go Bowling

Roof-mounted rig for vehicular bowling at the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

A novel method of bowling was introduced at a car2go marketing event. Using a non-permanent method of atachment, a roof-mounted bowling rig was designed and created.

Award Winning Bamboo Bike

An organic, gluten-free mode of transportation.

Bamboo bicycles provide road vibration absorption, a higher strength to weight ratio than steel, and comparable stiffness to aluminum. Exceeding the threshold for Vancouverite-hipster was the goal of this build.

LEGO Headphones

Making music with the world's favourite construction toy.

Combining two favourite past-times of music and LEGO resulted in the generation of a novel, functional pair of headphones. Batteries not included. Some assembly required.

Electrical Circuit Design, Firmware Development

Battery Power Protection and Regulation PCB

Design of a power management board in Altium.

Needing various power rails off a 4-cell LiPo battery pack, I designed a PCB with overcurrent/undervoltage protection and 8.4V/7.4/5V buck regulators.

ESP8266 Sous Vide Controller

Immersing food in a temperature controlled water bath.

By separating the internal and external cooking procedures, a perfect steak with no internal temperature gradient can be easily achieved. Cooking sous vide provides reliable, consistent, and precise results every time. An ESP8266 wifi chip was used to monitor and maintain the temperature controlled water.

Adjustable Portable Power Supply

Providing power to the people. Or in this case, hobby projects.

Tired of using a spliced USB cable or combining batteries to achieve a desired voltage, an inexpensive boost-buck converter was paired with the input from a laptop power brick to supply variable voltage.


Engineer's Diary

Getting into the habit of writing stuff down because I don't trust my memory.

No bells, no whistles; just a simple interface to act as a daily work log. Entries are time-stamped and saved into date-stamped text files.

Project Haikuza

Contributing to society with an interactive, Twitter-based haiku generator.

Spamming your phone's predictive keyboard is usually enough justification to avoid trying to computationally bang out the works of Shakespeare. Futile goals aside, an algorithm was developed to generate haikus using natural language processing and song lyrics.

External Ballistics Simulation

Predicting projectile trajectories of shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots.

Long range trajectories are heavily susceptible to external factors including (but not limited to) drag, gravity, air density, altitude, rotation of the bullet, and rotation of the Earth. One solution is to connect a computer to a manual targeting system and estimate the corrected target location by accounting for these external factors. A basic program was developed to simulate and calculate the required correction.

Photo Editing Script

Automagically removing obstructions in an image.

Traveling and taking pictures go hand in hand, but good photo opportunities are often packed with other tourists. Instead of manually editing people out in Photoshop, a MATLAB script was designed to take a series of similar photos and remove any differences between them.