I grew up watching Star Wars, and like any other eight-year old boy, I wanted to become a Jedi Knight. Maneuvering starfighters through the Hoth asteroid field whilst in aerial combat, jousting battle droids wielding nothing but a lightsaber, and having my hand sliced off to make space for my own mechno-arm were the epitomes of my childhood fantasy.

Reality came quite bluntly, yet these dreams continued to flourish. These days, they follow more along the lines of developing a steering system for a model hovercraft providing optimized maneuverability, attacking design challenges with a pen and paper, and studying the possibilities of bionic technology. My passion is taking part in the vanguard of mechanical and electrical design.

My experience encompasses rapid prototyping, manufacturing, medical devices, automation, robotics, and control systems. As a young engineer, I am constantly looking for opportunities to expand and develop my skill set.

Justin M.K. Lam
Mechatronics Engineer

Personal Achievements