Feb 22

Precision Sourdough: A Smart Lid for Your Starter

Taking the guess work out of baking with wild yeast.


Sep 9

Building a Backyard Chicken Coop in the City

Raising pets that poop breakfast.


Dec 29

3D Printed Engagement Ring

A perfectly imperfect expression of commitment.

Apr 25

Nordic nRF52 Development with Visual Studio Code

One editor to rule them all, one editor to find them.


Jun 24

Monitoring the Fermentation of Sourdough Starter with Computer Vision

Bread is love, bread is life; would it be wrong to call it my wife?

Apr 6

From Prototype to Cloud: A Python Recipe Converter

A journey from Jupyter to Flask to Heroku, all in one post.

Feb 9

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Ping Sweep in C# Windows Form

Life is better when you live asynchronously.

Jan 12

Measuring the Spectral Characteristics of a Light Therapy Lamp

Shining the light of truth on a $70 bulb.


Oct 29

Debugger Setup with GDB + OpenOCD in Visual Studio Code

Because this editor is awesome and I want to use it for everything.

Jun 13

Annealing 3D Printed Plastics: Sous Vide Style

When hobbies combine and engineering takes over.

May 9

Battery Power Protection and Regulation PCB

Design of a power management board in Altium.

Apr 4

Overhead Robotic Gantry for Tethered VR Headsets

Tired of cables breaking presence in virtual reality? We are too.

Mar 25

Hakko-Style Solder Fume Extractor

Inhaling 3D printer melted plastic instead of toxic solder fumes.

Mar 23

Resources for 3D Printing with the MP Select Mini

A collection of information to reduce the initial headaches with 3D printing.

Mar 7

New Toy Tuesday: Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

Giving in to temptation for a tool that can make other tools.

Feb 5

ESP8266 Sous Vide Controller

Immersing food in a temperature controlled water bath.


Nov 15

Tired of Cables in VR? We Are Too.

When VR gives you lemons, you make a lemonade-making robot.

Nov 13

Wooden Phone Stand

Turning a hunk of wood into a hunky tech holder.

Oct 22

Making Do With a Bargain Bin Bandsaw

Sometimes you can get more than what you pay for.

Oct 1

Engineer's Diary

Getting into the habit of writing stuff down because I don't trust my memory.

Jun 2

MECH 458: Capstone 3D Optical Well Imager

Integrating computer vision with automated pipeline inspection.

Jun 1

New Workshop + Plywood Bench Stool

Finally having a garage means finally having space for a proper workbench.

May 25

Adjustable Portable Power Supply

Providing power to the people. Or in this case, hobby projects.

Apr 22

MECH 423: Mechatronics Product Design

Over-engineering the soft-boiled egg with the ultimate kitchen gadget, PerfEGGctâ„¢.


Dec 18

Boo-Boo with the Bamboo Bike

Splitting hairs over split bamboo.

Aug 6

The Making of Project Haikuza: Part 2

When the generator gets a bit smarter, but still not smart enough.

Jul 12

The Making of Project Haikuza: Part 1

The development of a laughable haiku generator in Python.

Jul 10

Project Haikuza

Contributing to society with an interactive, Twitter-based haiku generator.

Jul 8

Places To Be: Howe Sound Crest Trail

A multi-day hike not suitable for beginners. Except I didn't listen.

Jun 23

Co-op: Air Quality Calibration Chamber

Building a clean-room enclosure for testing air quality monitors.

Feb 19

External Ballistics Simulation

Predicting projectile trajectories of shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots.


Nov 24

MECH 328: TrailRider Design Project

Designing a next-generation, offroad wheelchair.

Sep 27

Co-op: Drill Cover User Study

Quantifying the performance of a surgical drill designed for low-resource settings.

Aug 29

Bowling With car2go

Roof-mounted rig for vehicular bowling at the 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Aug 18

Award Winning Bamboo Bike

An organic, gluten-free mode of transportation.

Jan 12

MATLAB Photo Editing Script

Automagically removing obstructions in an image.


Dec 28

Co-op: The Age Effect on Bicycle Helmets

Assessing the safety of your 15 year-old helmet.

Apr 20

MECH 223: Hovercraft Competition

Racing a remote-controlled hovercraft made of cardboard, plastic bags, and pink foam.


Dec 1

Men in Massage: Research Paper

ENG 112 research paper on gender dominated professions.


Jul 10

LEGO Headphones

Making music with the world's favourite construction toy.


Apr 16

A Minty-Fresh Power Pack

Making a portable battery charger before they were cool.