LEGO Headphones

  Posted on July 10, 2010   ·   1 min read   ·   # comments   ·   #design 

Background: I decided to combine the two things that I love most: music and LEGO. This whole project took me about a month and a half, very on and off. I’m quite pleased with how the headphones turned out in the end, as they are sturdy enough to be tossed around in a bag. My favourite part is that I can take it apart any time to make repairs that may be needed on the go. No tools necessary!

Objective: Use LEGO to create the external assembly of a pair of headphones.

The world's finest LEGO headphones in all its glory.

Easily deconstructed, staying true to the LEGO roots.

Visit Instructables to learn more about the project!

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