MECH 328: TrailRider Design Project

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Background: The TrailRider™ is a specialized device to provide accessibility to the wilderness for those with limited mobility.  It is intended for a seated rider propelled and balanced by assistants.

Objective: Expand the range of both riders and assistants who can ride safely use the Black Diamond TrailRider™.

How: As a team of seven mechanical engineering undergrads, we explored a range of areas for improvement and developed a new design to incorporate these features.

Existing Problems:

  • Device relies entirely on assistants for balance, which may be physically demanding for some assistants
  • Riders generally find the current device too passive
  • Single-wheel design provides difficulty in rolling over abrupt trail features
  • Single-wheel provides limited cushioning over rough terrain
  • Device is difficult to transport and store when space is limited

Our Improvements:

  • Incorporation of a 255 W electric power assist feature
  • Implementation of lever-propulsion handles for rider engagement
  • Integrated frame and suspension design for increased shock absorption
  • Increased portability

Client: British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS)

Original TrailRider in use. (Image courtesy of BCMOS)

How the original TrailRider folds for transportation.

Our TrailRider in the folded configuration, 56% smaller than the current design.

Diagram showing the how the kickstand is integrated with the assistant's push handles.

Overview of our redesigned TrailRider.

Close up of the integrated frame and suspension system.

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