Project Haikuza

  Posted on July 10, 2015   ·   1 min read   ·   # comments   ·   #programming 

Objective: Develop an algorithm to generate haikus using song lyrics.

Motivation: Because computational linguistics are cool.



  • Scrapes Virgin Radio’s broadcast history to find recently played songs
  • Creates a song-based haiku queue in Google Sheets
  • Generates a haiku using the queue as a reference and posts it on Twitter
  • Checks for new tweets every 5 minutes and generates a relevant haiku, if requested
  • Finds all song lyrics from Lyrics Wikia
  • Runs on a Raspberry Pi


  • Formulaically counting syllables
  • Developing a context-free language model
  • Creating phrases that actually make sense

Framework: Python 2.7.9

Source: Github

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B running @thehaikuza, 24/7!

Interested about the development of @thehaikuza? Follow it on The Making of Project Haikuza: Part 1!

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