New Workshop + Plywood Bench Stool

  Posted on June 1, 2016   ·   2 min read   ·   # comments   ·   #woodworking 

My family moved into a new house, meaning that we finally have an actual garage instead of a measly carport. But what this really means is that I get a chance to claim space to set up an actual workshop! First project was naturally a workbench, which I put together using 2x4’s and a 3/4" MDF board for the work surface (see above). Second project was a bench stool, as shown in the following images below. The builders left some 1/8" plywood in the yard, and I wanted to see how sturdy of a chair I can make with it given the inherent flimsiness of the thin sheet stock. By adding a reinforcing cross-brace at the base of the legs, I was able to significantly increase its sturdiness.

I used a jigsaw to cut out each side, and fastened together with glue and nails (since screws would likely split the wood).

Final panel being attached.

Blocks of wood being clamped, which will be used to attach the seat. note the cross-brace near the feet of the stool.

Gluing and clamping three sheets of the same plywood to get a more comfortable contour for sitting. This is a similar method to how skateboards/longboards are given their complex curvatures.

Stool sanded and clear coat applied.

For a stool made with the cheapest possible wood, it actually turned out half-decent and it does what it needs to do!

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